How do I make a reservation?

You can either call us at 440-526-2152 or email us at Info@BroadviewRental.com to get a quote or book a reservation. 

Event orders of $100 or more require a 50% deposit to reserve. The remainder is due the Monday before the event. 
Equipment reservations do not require a deposit.
A copy of the reservation can be emailed. 

What is your cancelation policy?

Our cancelation policy only relates to event orders with deposits ($100+ Orders):

Cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to delivery/order pick up date to receive a full refund. Any orders cancelled within 7 days of the delivery/order pick up date will forfeit the 50% deposit. No tent/canopy refunds if canceled with in 7 days of delivery.

When do you deliver? (Delivery Scheduling)

The delivery schedule for each week is made on the Monday of that week. We will contact you on the Monday of your event week to inform you of a delivery window. We will also collect any balances at that time. That is also the time we will do our best to honor any special delivery requests. 

We typically deliver on Thursdays and Fridays and pick up on Mondays and Tuesdays. We do not deliver or pickup on the weekends. We deliver during business hours; typically between 8am and 5pm.

Someone needs to be present for delivery to sign the contract.


These are based on the customer needs per order.  No set schedules. 
Someone needs to be present for delivery to sign the contract.

How do weekend rentals work?

EQUIPMENT: Weekend rates begin at 3pm on Friday and continue until 9am the following Monday. You can pick up on Saturday morning as well. 

Weekend rates begin on Thursday/Friday (all business hours) and continue through Monday (all business hours). 

Delivered orders are based on scheduling needs. There are no weekend deliveries. 

During the winter months, Saturdays are be appointment only.
During the summer months, we are open Saturday mornings.

Common Tent / Canopy Questions

Canopies are also called pole tents. This means the canvas is held up with poles around the perimeter and includes center poles. Due to the center poles, canopies can only be set up on level grass. Sides and lights cannot be added to canopies. 

Tents are framed. A frame structure is erected on site. There are no center poles. They can be set up on grass or a hard surface. Sides and lights can be added at an additional cost.

  • Posted price includes set up and take down. Does NOT include delivery. Delivery price depends on location.
  • All tents and canopies are set up by Broadview Rental Personnel. No customer setups. 
  • Tent Hold Down Options:
    • Set up in grass via stakes. Stakes will be placed 4-5 feet out from the perimeter of the tent.
    • Set up on a solid surface (tents only) via barrels. Barrels are plastic 55-gallon drums and are filled with water. If barrels are used, customer needs to provide a water source. If water is not available, please call for ballast use.
    • Set up on a solid surface via concrete ballasts (30x40 and larger). This is an extra cost. Please contact us for a quote.
  • All tops are white
  • Overall Height is 13 feet
  • Tent Sides can be added for an additional cost
  • When measuring, allow an extra 4 feet around the tent’s perimeter for tie downs. We also can come out and do a tent measurement at no cost for surrounding areas. 
  • 50% deposit required to reserve a tent

Do you set up tables and chairs?

Table and chair set up is not included in the rental price. 
We can setup and take down for an additional cost if scheduling allows. 

Tent and Canopy setups are included in the rental price. 

What size linen do I need to fit my table?

For Rectangular Tables:

60" x 120"

  • 1/3 from the floor on a 6ft table
  • Lap Length on an 8ft table

90" x 132"

  • Floor Length on a 6ft table
  • 1/3 from the floor on an 8ft table

90" x 156"

  • Floor Length on an 8ft table

For Round Tables:

90" round

  • 1/3 from the floor on a 48" round table (seats 6)
  • Lap Length on a 60" round table (seats 8)

108" round

  • Floor length on a 48" round table (seats 6)
  • 1/3 from the floor on a 60" round table (seats 8)
  • Falls just above the ground on the Cocktail tables

120" round

  • Floor Length on a 60" Round table (seats 8)
  • Falls to the floor on the Cocktail tables with a small puddle of fabric
  • Recommended when using a sash to tie

How many hours do I get on a metered machine?

If the equipment you are renting has an hour meter, you are authorized to use 8 hours of run time for each rental day. Each additional hour over the 8 hours will be an additional cost. 

Weekend rentals are allowed 10 hours of run time. 

NOTE: We have only had machines go over hours less than handful of times. It is not as easy as you think. You generally do not need to worry about the hour meter.