DIY Home Projects Before Holiday Company

DIY Home Projects Before Holiday Company

Whether you are planning a casual party, a large formal dinner, a festive gathering, or a combination of all three during the holidays, it can be helpful to finish DIY home projects before holiday company arrives. These easy projects can make a big difference to welcoming guests, presenting your home at its very best, and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable holiday for you and everyone who visits your home.

Top 20 Home DIY Projects to Do Before Holiday Company Visits

You know all your home’s quirks and how to deal with its personality, from a sticky lock to a fussy toilet. Your guests may not see it as quaint or manageable, however, when a squeaking fan, flickering lightbulb, or rickety steps may be annoying, distracting, or troublesome. Fortunately, these top projects are very easy to fix and improve before your holiday guests arrive.

  1. Running Toilet A toilet that constantly runs or has a weak flush can be problematic for your holiday guests. Instead of asking guests to jiggle the handle or adjust their bathroom habits, fix the toilet so it is in perfect working order just when there will be more people who need to use it.
  2. Dripping Faucet A leaky faucet not only wastes water and creates stains in the sink, but can be noisy for guests who aren’t used to its constant rhythm. A new aerator or refreshed seal will quickly fix a faucet so it doesn’t drip on your guests’ enjoyment of the holiday.
  3. Sticky Door A door that constantly sticks can be aggravating, but it doesn’t have to be aggravating to fix. Quickly sand down the edges of the door to help it fit in the frame more smoothly so there doesn’t need to be any banging or yanking when it opens and closes.
  4. Low Lighting Whether you have dark spots in your home because of burned out bulbs or weak lighting fixtures, a new or stronger bulb can brighten up the area in an instant. Add night lights near stairs and in bathrooms as well, just to be sure your guests have enough light to see.
  5. Dirty Appliances To help your holiday meals taste their very best, take the time to thoroughly clean your kitchen appliances, including the refrigerator, oven, stovetop, and microwave. With all appliances clean, you’ll be ready for the tastiest meals and snacks of the year.
  6. Cluttered Surfaces Freshen up your surfaces – shelves, counters, mantles, furniture tops, etc. – by clearing away clutter. Recycle old papers, discard loose trash, and stash trinkets and knick-knacks away for the season to create a cleaner, more eye-pleasing space for your guests to enjoy.
  7. Household Odors You can quickly get used to your home’s smells, whether odors are from recently cooked food, old upholstery, litter boxes, pets, gym shoes, or any other sources. Open windows to clear out stale air, clean up after pets, and deodorize furniture so it is fresh when your guests arrive.
  8. Child Hazards If you don’t have young children, you may not realize what hazards your home could hold for youngsters. If you will be having young guests for the holidays, put chemicals out of reach, tie up dangerous cords, place breakables out of reach, and do other basic childproofing.
  9. Wobbling Fan A wobbling ceiling fan will rattle and squeak, making it more of an annoyance than a pleasant way to ventilate your home. It just takes a few steps to stabilize and balance a fan so it won’t irritate your guests.
  10. Dirty Window Coverings Whether you have draperies, blinds, or shutters, window coverings can and do gather dust, making the view from your windows less festive. Dust or wash window coverings as needed, and if possible, wash the windows as well for the best views.
  11. Dirty Fireplace A fireplace can be a wonderful gathering spot for any holiday event, but only if it is clean and functional. Take the time to prep your fireplace for the season, including checking the flue and damper, cleaning the front, and stocking up on firewood so it’s ready to use.
  12. Scuffed Paint The scuffs, scratches, and marks on your walls may tell a story about moving furniture, rearranged artwork, and other bits of your home life, but it isn’t a story your guests need to know. A few minutes with a brush and some touch up paint can make your walls look like new.
  13. Squeaking Hinges Over time, all doors can sag and stick, squeaking and creaking every time they’re opened. Oiling the hinges is a fast fix that will help every door move more easily without announcing to everyone in the house that a door has been opened.
  14. Dirty Doormat Your front entryway is the first impression your guests receive when they visit, and a scuffed kickplate or dirty doormat does not offer a friendly welcome. Choose a new holiday welcome mat for a festive touch, and clean the entryway carefully so it is neat and welcoming.
  15. Flat Pillows Your pillows may be perfectly molded for your head and sleep patterns, but your guests may not agree. Whether it is new pillows for the guest bedroom or refreshing throw pillows on the couch, new pillows and covers can instantly refresh a room.
  16. Crowded Space Do your guests have room to unpack their bags or store coats, boots, and other outwear when they visit your home? Clearing out space such as drawers or a closet so there is room for them will instantly help your guests feel at ease and welcome.
  17. Low Supplies More people visiting your home means more need for toiletries and other supplies. Make sure you are stocked up on extra toilet paper, shampoo, soap, paper towel, and other necessities so you don’t have to make a sudden run to the store and leave your guests in need.
  18. Overall Dirtiness Just before your holiday guests arrive, give your home a thorough cleaning. Scrub the bathrooms, wash countertops, run the dishwasher, do laundry, dust shelves, and vacuum floors so everything is fresh and ready, whether guests are just staying a few hours or a few days.
  19. Decorations Get your guests into the holiday spirit by already having your holiday decorations out and festively adorning your home. A wreath, twinkle lights, centerpieces, and other ornamentation will make your home feel like a great place for everyone to celebrate.
  20. Welcome Baskets If you will have holiday guests staying for a few days, create a simple welcome basket for each one. Include travel-size toiletries in case they forgot to pack theirs, fresh towels, a favorite snack or two, instructions to access wifi, and maybe a small gift to make them feel welcome.

While you may not have time to finish all these DIY home projects before holiday company arrives, if you only manage a few chores and some simple steps, your guests will feel more welcome and the holidays will be more enjoyable for everyone in your home.